Meet the Team

Claudia Carr

Administrator and Case Manager at Something’s Got to Change

Claudia Carr is a vital part of the Something’s Got to Change team, where she gracefully manages administrative duties and case management, ensuring that the conciliation processes are executed seamlessly. Her role involves conducting consultations and providing support that is crucial to the smooth operation of the organization.

Transition to Conflict Resolution:

Claudia’s journey to Something’s Got to Change followed a rewarding career in the federal government and industry, where she honed her skills as a training and education professional. Her transition to conflict resolution is marked by her certification as a mediator for Juvenile and Domestic Relations by the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Current Mediation and Restorative Justice Roles:

Further expanding her expertise in conflict resolution, Claudia currently serves as a staff mediator with an organization specializing in restorative justice programs and community-based mediation. Her work in these areas underscores her commitment to resolving conflicts and fostering understanding within communities.

Educational Background:

Claudia’s academic achievements include an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Bowie State University and an MBA from The Johns Hopkins University. Her educational background provides a strong foundation for her administrative and case management roles.

Personal Life and Community Engagement:

A native Washingtonian, Claudia resides in Fairfax with her husband and youngest son. She is an active member of her church, illustrating her commitment to her faith and community. In her free time, Claudia enjoys the company of her family and friends, valuing the connections and relationships that enrich her life.