Meet the Team

Eric Newton

Chief Executive Officer of Something’s Got to Change.

Eric Newton’s journey at Something’s Got to Change has been marked by a steadfast commitment to promoting understanding and effective communication through God-honoring, biblical methods. His passion for helping people in relationships communicate effectively and resolve conflicts productively led him to join the organization as a Christian conciliator/mediator in 2019, before taking the helm as Chief Executive Officer.

Dedicated Mediator and Trainer:

Eric’s foray into mediation began in 2008, showcasing a natural aptitude for facilitating understanding and resolution. His notable contributions include volunteering and serving as a consultant trainer/coach at the Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) in Chicago, where he was instrumental in establishing the Volunteer Council to strengthen the collaboration between staff and volunteers.

Professional Expertise and Involvement:

As a Virginia Supreme Court-certified mediator for both General District Court and Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court, Eric brings a wealth of experience to his role. His recent tenure on the board at NVMS Conflict Resolution Center and his active involvement as a Restorative Justice facilitator in Fairfax County’s Alternative Accountability Program (AAP) further demonstrate his deep engagement in the field of conflict resolution.

Community Engagement and Educational Pursuits:

Eric’s commitment extends beyond professional circles. He is a trained mediator for Small Claims courts in Washington, D.C., and volunteers as a facilitator/trainer for internationals with T.I.P.S. at Truro Anglican Church. His dedication to societal issues, particularly racial reconciliation, is evident in his active participation in a multi-racial study group since June 2020, and his role as a panelist in a significant racial reconciliation seminar.

Academic Foundations:

Eric’s academic background is as impressive as his professional journey. He holds a master’s degree in intercultural relations with a focus on conflict resolution from the University of the Pacific. His training in Christian Conciliation adds a significant dimension to his approach, blending professional expertise with spiritual insight.